Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Many many years ago, a physician came into the pharmacy and asked if we could compound bio-identical hormones for his patients. I told him that "Yes, we are a compounding pharmacy and we can do that." I was confused by his request at the time, thinking that there were lots of hormone alternatives available for women, and why did he need us to compound more.

Being skeptical, I questioned our patients as they received refills of their compounded prescriptions about benefits and adverse effects. I was repeatedly told 4 benefits: fewer hot flashes, less migraine headaches, fewer episodes of breakthrough bleeding and less breast tenderness. These were documentable benefits. I was also told frequently many favorable benefits like: the fog has lifted from my brain, the kids aren't afraid of me anymore, I love my husband again, it was me not my mother-in-law that was unbearable. The first few times I heard these subjective comments, I attributed it to a charismatic physician who might have spent a little extra time with these patients. But when I heard these and similar comments over and over, I had to give bio-identical hormones some credibility.

This is what started my search to learn more to see if I could help lift the fog, and help us love our husbands again. I was swayed by multiple, vague, "I just feel better" comments to look for the science behind using our exact hormones in physiological doses to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. More and more credible data is becoming available about the benefits of bio-identical hormones. There has also been much media coverage about the topic, both pro and con.

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