Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pharmacist of the Month

Did I forget to brag? No, I couldn't have.

In July, Professional Compounding Centers of America named me Pharmacist of the month. The very best part of this recognition by some of my most respected peers, is that I get to go to one of their seminars FREE. We have a love/hate relationship with PCCA seminars. I love them and my staff and family hate them. I come back so rejuvenated--so excited about the new things that I've learned to help us all. I guess I become a little annoying to those closest to me.

I also love giving seminars; sharing the knowledge that I receive. Contact the store for information about our next BHRT seminar. One patient came in for her refill this week and said "I'm back to being me! I'm better during the day, because I'm sleeping at night. Not just sleeping, but I'm dreaming again!" I love success stories.

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